The Worlds Best Vacation

(For Single Men, and those who want to be!)

The Iconic Statue of Christ the Redeemer on
Corcovado Mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This Website is a Manual & Guide for Single Men who want to enjoy a Sex filled vacation in South America's Mecca for Prostitution, Rio de Janeiro. This site will direct you to the best places that the locals don't want you to know about, and help you avoid the ripoffs and disappointments that many newcomers to Rio's sex scene discover on their own.

After several trips to Rio at enormous expense, I hired several locals to teach me everything they knew about the Rio Sex Scene. I literally went through the entire phone book looking for every Nightclub, Massage Parlor and Bordello in the city to create the Online Encyclopedia of Sex for Rio de Janeiro. (If I had to fuck everything that moved in the process, so be it!) Wink

TheWorldsBestVacation.Com will act like your own personal tour guide, leading you past easy and dangerous choices, and show you the best places that are hidden in plain view.

Prostitution IS NOT LEGAL in Thailand (Bangkok - Phuket)

Prostitution IS NOT LEGAL in the Philippines (Manila – Angeles City)

Prostitution IS LEGAL in Brazil! (Rio, Sao Paulo, the whole country!)

The Legal Prostitution of Brazil - If you want to buy sex without the risk of getting arrested, legal prostitution is the best solution. The price of sex in Brazil is less expensive than the legal prostitution of Nevada and even most illegal prostitution in the USA. Whether you call them bordellos, houses of prostitution, cathouses, massage parlors, brothels, bawdy houses or whorehouses, they are in essence a place to live out your sexual fantasies. If you are a single man who wants to spend your vacation days in someplace exotic, and your nights with a different woman every day, Rio is for you.

View of Copacabana Beach from Leme Beachfront Apartment

Rio is a World Class Tourist Destination with some of the most beautiful natural features in the world. Rio's natural attractions, including Sugarloaf and Corcovado, the Tijuca tropical rain forest, and beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema are famous the world over. Rio does not attract tourists solely because of the sex trade; Rio has a thriving sex trade BECAUSE it is a world class tourist draw. (So much so, there are more than 1800 tourism agencies in the city of Rio de Janeiro alone!) If you are already traveling to Brazil on business, deciding to vacation there is a no-brainer. If you're not a business traveler but have decided to go on a vacation somewhere exotic, why not go to Brazil? Assuming most of you are not wealthy enough to buy a plane ticket on a whim, and sex alone is not sufficient reason to travel there, may I suggest a few reasons here:

  1. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  2. Great food, much better than what is typical in the USA & Canada
  3. Great bargains for that beachfront hotel or apartment with the ocean view
  4. Incredible natural beauty and world renown tourist attractions like Corcovado (the Christ Statue)
  5. Sugarloaf mountain. (in Rio the mountains come down to and meet the ocean)
  6. Beautiful women filling the beach, wearing the smallest bikini's you have ever seen
  7. Warm and friendly people who for the most part treat visitors and tourists like welcome guests
View of Sugarloaf and the Bay from Corcovado Mountain

Your Money goes farther on Vacation in Brazil - While the overall cost of living in Brazil is comparable to the USA, it is a great value for tourists because the things you buy on vacation (listed as 1-5 below) are very reasonably priced. When you take into account the low cost and easy availability of female companionship, Rio is an ideal place for single and unattached men to vacation in.

  1. Restaurants (food and labor costs are low)
  2. Hotels (upkeep and labor costs are low)
  3. Professional Sex (It is legal and very competitive)
  4. Tours for Tourists (There are 1800 Tour Agencies in Rio, so competition keeps prices low.)
  5. Taxi fares (Renting a car in Rio makes no sense, since Taxi fares are very reasonable.)
Early morning view from Copacabana, looking East towards Leme Point & Sugarloaf Mountain

Public and Private - While there are over 17,000 words on the subjects of Rio & its sex businesses on these public pages, there is specific and graphic information in the members area on where to go for the kind of memorable sexual experiences that will last a lifetime. (Membership Pricing here) These public pages explain why the odds of finding the best bordellos in Rio without local guidance is poor, and paint a picture of the practice of prostitution in Rio. This page also explains why much of the information in the blogosphere is wrong, incomplete, misguided and in some cases, intentionally misleading.

(A Reader asks) What makes you think I need help finding working girls in Rio? - You don't! In Copacabana, you may have to chase them away like flies at a barbecue. Even a blind guy can find more hookers than he knows what to do with. Where the average guy does need help is in discovering the best places, because THEY are hard to find. (See photo below of a typical bordello).

typical_bordello_sWhy not just ask the nearest Rio Taxi Driver or Hotel Desk Clerk where to go to get some action? - Because many bordellos pay kickbacks to local Taxi Drivers and hotel employees to drive tourists their way. Besides, if the Taxi Driver or desk-clerk is sweet on some young girl in his favorite bordello in his own neighborhood, do you think he would take you there so he now has to compete with your Dollars or Euros for her attention? Of course not. He will direct you to whatever place will pay him a kickback to bring you in, more often than not.

How about the phone book? - In the middle of my 31 day long trip to Rio (2007) the new phone book came out. One of my interpreters and I went through it, looking for bordellos, massage parlors and nightclubs. About 5% of the places listed in the bordello category were miscategorized. About 15% of the places were for gay sex. About 10% had either the wrong address or the wrong name listed. About 10% did not answer the phone and were presumably already out of business. THIS IN THE SAME WEEK THE BOOK IS PUBLISHED! Unfortunately there is no way to tell the good places from the bad places by reading the phonebook. Unless you already have friends who live in Rio, and visit bordellos or nightclubs besides the ones in their neighborhood, there is no quicker or more cost effective way to become knowledgeable about the Rio sex scene than to become a member of this site. (Or, if you are the do it yourself type, you can spend a month in Rio, hire your own interpreters and spend $6000 like I did.) Actually, I have been To Rio 7 times since 2001 and have spent well over $15,000 on my Brazilian sex education to date.

What about the Blogs? One of the main reasons I built this site was my frustration with online information about the sex business in Rio. I subscribed to and read different blogs from which I got conflicting, out of date and confusing information. I suppose when your content is 10,000 reviews by 2,000 different reviewers, you should not expect them to speak in a single voice. So who should I believe? How do you resolve all the differing and contrary opinions? Most of all, I asked, why was I reading stuff about places I had been to which I knew to be flat out wrong? (Some of it turns out to be deliberate lies motivated by greed and an ill-mannered competition between bordello owners!) Take it from a guy who has lived in Brazil and has been to Rio many times, reading through the information in the blogs is not worth your time. It is not that there is no good information out there, it's just that it is often accompanied by a great deal of bullshit and outright stupidity. If you have joined one of these blogging sites, looking for gems among the many turds, you already know of what I speak. In my site, I cut through the bullshit, and get right to what you need to know to have a great Vacation in Rio without getting ripped off or being disappointed.

This man stopped me on the street, close to my favorite bordello, and offered to take me to an inferior bordello much farther away. He said it would cost me nothing, as the bordello owners paid him for his trouble.
But You Can't Miss it !! Well, you think, surely the best places are big and have huge signs and are right near the big hotels in Copacabana where the tourists go right? NOPE. The fact is, while there are big places with huge signs that profit MOSTLY from tourists, the women who work there are generally much less desirable than the women who work in the places that cater to wealthy locals. (Even more places cater to poor locals, and chances are good you would not want to visit them or have sex there). If you want to find out about the places that cater to the typical tourist, read the blogs or just go down and ask around. That is for sure where you will be sent to. The places I will prefer are actually quite hard to find. You will likely walk right by them without any clue of what goes on inside. Imagine this scenario; you put a bordello where your best customers live, in a wealthy neighborhood. If you were a home owner who resided in this wealthy neighborhood would you want some business with RED NEON LIGHTS flashing the word "PUSSY" in the window facing the public street? Of course not. If you bought a home in an expensive and affluent neighborhood in Rio, do you want your wife and children looking into a building across the street with half-naked girls pressing their asses against the window, waving at strangers passing by? Of course not.

While there is a great deal of prostitution in Brazil, there is also a lot of negative social pressure and shame placed on the women who choose this work. It is common for Brazilian escort services to have websites that show the women's tits and ass, but never show her face. Most prostitutes are ashamed of admitting their profession in public, and so wear a different face outside the bordello to avoid being looked down upon. Because of this shame and guilt surrounding the profession, the best places are forced to be discreet and very difficult to notice. Places that advertise their services in an obvious and public way are considered low class by most affluent Brazilians. These wealthy Brazilians refer to the poor uncultured Brazilians as "abacaxi"; Portuguese for pineapple (rough on the outside).
Can you tell this is a Bordello? No? that's because there is no fucking sign, and no sign of fucking!

Where do the locals go? - Well, it depends on which neighborhood they live in. There are more than 150 places that sell sex in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Of these, I prefer only a small percentage. As valuable as knowing where to go is, is knowing which places to avoid. Many of these sex businesses are small run down places, in poor Rio neighborhoods, where most American, Canadian or Western European residents would never want to visit. The real question is, which are the best bordellos, and where can I find them?

There are chapters inside the members section that discuss Brazilian culture and proper bordello etiquette for those of you who are new to Brazil, or the bordello. There is even a short course on what to say to the working girls to make them laugh and like you. For most of the places I prefer, tourists supplement their business, they do not predominate it. Rio has a population of about 6 million in the city proper, and almost another 6 million in the adjacent cities. A good bordello does not need tourist business, nor do the locals particularly want to share their favorite bordello with us tourists. The girls who work there, however, will be quite happy to see you.

One of the things which became obvious from hiring locals from different areas of the city was that everyone's expertise was mostly confined to their own neighborhood. By hiring several different translators during my 31 day long visit, I was able to discover places which most tourists will never find on their own. These places are a short cab ride from Ipanema and Copacabana beaches; terrific bordellos you should definitely visit if you go to Rio.

A month after returning to the States from my 2007 fuck-fest in Rio, I spent three months living, working, and fucking my brains out in the far south of Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul). While there I became friendly with the most famous madam in Porto Alegre, a town of about 1.5 million people. She and I went to the shore and spent Christmas together. (Remember Summer and Winter are reversed South of the equator). When the madam read what I had written about the psychology of working girls and their customers, she said that she wanted a copy so she could translate it, and have all the women who worked in her “nightclub” read it. This comment from a locally famous madam who has been in the "nightclub" business for many years.

The members area of this website describes in great detail where to find the best bordellos in Rio de Janeiro, and which places to avoid. (The places you should avoid outnumber the places I like to visit by a wide margin). This site can save the Rio neophyte a lot of time, money and aggravation in his search for the best sex, and the best bang for his buck. It also has detailed advice on how to communicate what you want to the working girls inside the bordello, even if you do not speak a word of Brazilian Portuguese. This site will tell you where you can go, the best time to go, what to say when you get there, and offer you advice which if followed can save you from a disappointing or dangerous trip.

In the Evening Rio Comes Alive with Night life

  • In the members area of this website is all the information you will need to GIVE YOURSELF a first class sex tour of Rio and avoid the rip-offs and typical neophyte mistakes made by first, second and even third time tourists.
  • We can put you in touch with a tour-guide-translator who can personally accompany you and help you communicate with locals like working girls during your trip to Rio.
Translator/Guides - If you want to have a translator/guide accompany you around Rio, even into the bordellos, we can put you in touch with one. If you book a tour, you will receive a free lifetime website membership.  To book your guide, please let us know the dates of your trip and your preferences by going  HERE and filling out a booking form.  We will reply as soon as possible. (Usually within 24 hours).  Details about what to expect from your tour found (HERE). Interpreter-Translator-Guide pricing is found HERE. We reserve the right to increase prices when tour dates begin to fill up, so please do not delay in booking your trip to lock in the lowest published pricing.  (Membership Pricing here)

Unlike some free online sources, the opinions expressed by myself inside the members section are not tainted by kickbacks. We do not take kickbacks, money or services from any of the bordellos or nightclubs featured or listed in this site.

Assuming Risks - There are hundreds of travel agents and online travel options that can get you to Rio, but few who specialize in sex tours. Those who do often charge extremely high prices and take extreme risks, especially when prostitution is illegal in the destination. (As it is in Thailand and the Phillipines). Many of these companies are quite short lived and booking for an illegal activity does not leave you in a good position should the tour-agent go out of business holding your funds before the tour date. Remember when you book an interpreter-guide through us, we do not get involved in any of the transactions that may occur between you and the girls you meet. We are not pimps! We do not get you the girl! We aid in your comfort and communication only.
Help Disco - The World Famous Pick up Spot for Copa's Working girls closed Jan 6th, 2010

Don't touch the Street Meat! Most naive male tourists that go to Rio end up with what I call street meat. These are prostitutes which are not of high enough quality to get work in a good house, and end up selling their “talents” on the street. These girls are not only less desirable, sex with them can be dangerous. Since they work without supervision, there is no one to make sure they are not spreading STD's. Often a woman who works the street may be completely unaware she is infected. If on the other hand, you are part of the neighborhood, and you want repeat business for your bordello, you are motivated to make sure your working girls are in good health and disease free. (It is bad business practice for the bordello to infect its customers, especially when their success depends on word of mouth advertising and repeat business). Good bordellos typically have their women examined by a gynecologist weekly and tested for STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) monthly. While sex with working girls will NEVER be free from risk, you are more likely to avoid an STD by staying clear of women who work on the streets. So please, even if you decide to go it alone and not become a site member, remember, do not touch the street meat no matter where you look for action.

Site Membership and Benefits

Membership is $14.95 for 3 months, $21.95 for 6 months, $33.95 for 12 months, or $99.95 for a lifetime!
If you book a tour, you get a lifetime membership for FREE!
(Tour pricing here) (Book a Tour here)(Buy a Membership Here)

Here is what you will find inside the members section:

  1. The 5 ways to get laid in Rio, including the only one you should use (and why).

  2. Proper Brazilian bordello etiquette for men and working girls. (A must read).

  3. How the working girls actually do behave (and misbehave) inside the bordello. (You won't believe it).

  4. Written and spoken (MP3) phrases in Portuguese that will get you where you want to go; especially if pussy is the final destination.

  5. How to negotiate price and time with working girls.

  6. Where to go to buy sex off the menu (Fixed pricing) eliminating the need to negotiate price altogether.

  7. How to easily avoid aggressive working girls whose attention you don't want without making a scene.

  8. What you can expect the girls to do and what they won't do with you. (You might not believe it)

  9. What is the best time and the worst time to go to the bordello or nightclub. (How to avoid a Brazilian Swordfight)

  10. What places I recommend you visit, where they are, their phone numbers, and photos of them from street level.

  11. What it should cost you for a haircut, a pair of sunglasses, or even "the full program" at the bordello.

  12. Who to tip in the bordello, how much, and who NOT to tip. (They will ask when the boss is not looking).

  13. What places you will undoubtedly find, that I recommend you absolutely avoid if you are looking for sex.

  14. Which businesses use drink whores who PRETEND to be working girls interested in sex with you just to run up your drink tab.

  15. What question to ask before you book a Hotel (This hotel policy can cost you a lot of $$$ you were not planning on spending).

  16. How to tell if you are about to get ripped off by a taxi driver, and how to stop it immediately.

  17. How to avoid tipping the waiter in the restaurant twice for the same bill. (Why you will...if you don't ---).

  18. How and where to get the most up to date information online about Rio's sex businesses. (Over 150 of them)

  19. What commodities are really a bargain in Brazil. (Enjoy these during your visit!)

  20. What commodities are very expensive in Brazil and you better not forget to bring with you.

  21. Things you may need and just cannot find in Rio.

  22. Where to go and where not to go to exchange your Dollars or Euros for Brazilian currency (Reais).

  23. What NOT to buy at your Hotel. (It is so easy to you will be tempted to).

  24. Bad Brazilian habits you may have to deal with.

  25. Good Brazilian habits you will need to adopt to fit in.

  26. Air travel tips for your flight to minimize your discomfort and time in the air. (Avoid the red-eye on the cheap)

  27. Where US citizens can get their Brazilian Tourist Visa.

  28. Where to get your US Passport if you do not already have one.

  29. The ability to hire English fluent translators at members only pricing who can act as your personal tour guide!

  30. How to use your laptop, Internet connection and a PC microphone to make calls to any phone in the USA or Brazil for pennies per minute.

  31. How to call phones within Rio for between 2-4 cents per minute (landlines) to 23-28 cents per minute (cell phones.) (Prepaid cell minutes within Rio will cost about 75 cents per minute.)

WARNING! In addition to the above information, this site contains a lot of ADVICE born of actual experience with working girls.  If you don't like receiving or reading advice, you will NOT like this site. (I may want your $$, but not at the expense of your satisfaction.)

The Members Area has 33 Chapters and more than 57,000 words about Rio's Sex businesses,
the Psychology of Working Girls, Brazilian Culture, & Traveling to Rio!

Membership is $14.95 for 3 months, $21.95 for 6 months, $33.95 for 12 months, or $99.95 for a lifetime! Tours start at $295, and include a FREE lifetime membership!

If you do plan to go to Rio, but don't want to join the site, I would like to hear from you and read why you decided not to join. Please email me to let me know your reasons. Thank you for your time and attention!! -The BossWalkoff3_Tittled

If you do plan on going to Rio, membership is a bargain when you consider it can not only save you valuable vacation time in search for the best bordello's, it can save you money that most Rio newbies lose on bar scams and ripoffs. Assuming the unique copyrighted material inside is worth nothing, if you were to gather and sort through all the other information inside from multiple web searches, it would take you several days to do compile this much information about the sex business in Rio. If you wanted confirmation of that information, that would still require a trip to Rio and the expenditure of a great deal of time and money to determine what information you had gathered was reliable and what was not. I have done this job for you. I have condensed this information down, and added to it general principles of the business and the psychology of the working girls.

If you are familiar with blogging, the idea that it is full of bias and misinformation is not new to you. If you have a problem with your car do you take it to a mechanic, or just ask complete strangers what they think the problem could be? You can get a lot more opinions elsewhere, but not better information. Even if you don't go to Rio or Brazil, if you are new to prostitution then having the information about working girls attitudes and behavior decreases the chance you will have a bad experience with them. This is commonplace for newcomers, especially for Americans on foreign soil.

If you divide the cost of your vacation by the number of waking hours you get to enjoy it, you will realize how very expensive your "free time" is. If you consider what a few wasted hours of vacation time costs you, you will appreciate that this site is a real bargain for any single man who plans to go to Rio for more than just a tan. I guarantee the site will grow and be updated frequently. If you follow the advice inside, you will find yourself enjoying:

The Worlds Best Vacation

(for Single Men, and those who want to be!)

See you in Rio!

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Благодарю, "Вредные советы - 4"джентльмены, благодарю!

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В обычное время подобное приглашение могло бы встревожить Смита, но сейчас, когда компьютеры были защищены от любого вторжения, он даже насвистывал, направляясь в "скачать самую крутую игру в мире"выходивший на пляж домик.

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Когда они раскрылись, Жерар прошел между ними, и они "Венгерский разговорник и словарь" захлопнулись у него за спиной.

Через "Ночь в Лиссабоне" некоторое время мне пришло в голову, что стоит, пожалуй, открыть глаза.

Я "Куклы своими руками Модели из ткани" ведь постоянно слежу за тобой, за "Общение Дети 5-7 лет" всеми твоими делами, и "Грамматика англ. яз. 3 кл" Я все вижу.

Тогда Пухнасточку заносило, и она "Сети любви" тормозила, влетая в белые или розовые глыбы, смахивающие на подушки.

Затем "Отель У погибшего альпиниста" я расслышал доносившуюся со стороны стола легкую дробь.

Мы, "Фитнес для ума 7 ступеней к продлению молодости" христиане, уже владеем Иерусалимом, родственник.

Когда "Певчие птицы Звуковая энциклопедия" Ли Пяо наконец-то справился с "Между натурализмом и религией Философские статьи" дверью, голубовато-серый туман покрылся рябью и заструился.

Внутри огромной трубы "Социальная психология" сходились течения и противотечения, выбрасывавшие сгустки "Р Будильник Раскраска с цветными образцами" свободных газов, почти "Обитающий во мраке" моментально сгоравших в перегретой атмосфере короны.

Ну, мы со Дворами истоптали "Японский за три месяца" немало путей, "Посмотри и раскрась (4472) (1056)" старик.

Я знаю, что ты всегда держишь слово, и "Охотник на знаменитостей" лично я могла бы тебе довериться.

Поль "развивающие программы для детей скачать для" вел себя очень осторожно, общаясь с фигуркой.

Это я "скачать лепс рюмки водка на столе" свалял дурака, я нахмурился.

В основном, смотреть на "линии игры скачать" сцену, отозвался он.

Хор мальчиков, "реферат по физкультуре на тему плавание" который Аретино подобрал специально для торжественного случая, "Про зверей больших и маленьких. Рассказы и сказки о зверях и птицах" исполнял вокальные произведения на духовные темы.

Но нам "Тигренок в шахматном королевстве. Рабочая тетрадь" нравилось каждый раз обсуждать это "вии фильм скачать" заново.

В обязанность Мориссею вменялось "100 картинок" появляться перед телекамерой, поскольку это была его "скачать тусовка зайцев шнуфель" компания его и еще ряда бизнесменов и банкиров, "кинг игровые автоматы" входивших в совет директоров, хотя фирма и носила его имя.